Amenities - School Transport



- Transportation facility is being arranged by the school authorities. However, admission to the school doesnt automatically ensure a place in a particular bus. If a bus is full or does not cover the area you are living in, you are expected to make your own transport arrangement.

- Children travelling by the school bus must carry their bus pass with them daily.

- Indisciplined behavior in the school bus will render a student ineligible to use school transport any more.

- As a safety measure, no student should out his/her hand or head through the protecting bars on the windows of the bus or stand on the footboard. 

-  Although adequate care is taken for the safety of the children, the school is not responsible for any accident, mishap or injury that may occur in and around the school premises or during travel.

- Transportation fee - Rs 1000/- per month (to be deposited by 10th of the month).