Admission Rules


1.     The school admits students  in Nursery,LKG and UKG Kindergarten.  Admission to other classes is purely vacancy based.

2.     Admission forms for Nursery LKG and UKG are available in the school w.e.f. 20th of March 2023.

3.     For seeking admission in Nursery LKG and  U.K.G, following conditions are to be fulfilled:

a)     Age of child should be between 3 to 5 years as on 1st of April 

b)    Documents required: Residence Proof and Birth Certificate of the child from the Municipal Corporation or any other competent authority.

4.     The child seeking admission in any class other than  Nursery,LKG and U.K.G should be in possession of following documents:

a)     School leaving certificate from recognized school.

b)    Certified copy of marks obtained in the last examination.

5.     The child will be assessed against the syllabus of the class previous to the one he/she proposes to join.

6.     On no account, admission can be demanded: on merit or any other right. It is entirely left to the policy of the school and discretion of the school authority.